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How to Increase Your Practice

by a Minimum of $200,000.00 Per Year



Your Money Back Plus $5,000.00

Bold Claim? Yes

Audacious? Absolutely

Real? You betcha’

Dear Doctor,

If you are one of the better dentists, you may be frustrated with your income during these difficult economic times. Some doctors have had their incomes level off. Some have actually regressed, fallen lower. Everyone agrees practice is harder than it once was.

How would you like to change that so you make the income you have worked so hard to achieve?

Now you can.

And I am guaranteeing it.

Here is my promise:

Increase your practice by a minimum of $200,000.00 in the next 12 months or I refund your entire fee plus give you $5,000.00.

So your risk is not just eliminated, but you gain either way when you are accepted into this unique experience.

How would you like to not only make a lot more, but also:

• Have the vast majority of your increase be pure profit because this special 10fer Experience does not require you purchase a bunch of equipment or add oodles of new staff.

• Gain more patient appreciation like never before.

• Serve your patients better.

• Do better dentistry

• Feel like the professional you are.

• Gain a larger sense of knowing control over your practice.

The 10fer Experience does all this and more.

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Dr. Charles MartinHi, I am Dr Charles Martin, DDS, MAGD, DABOI, DICOI, FIADFE, CEEE. I am a practicing dentist just like you. I live what I teach. I have been in practice since 1979. I have seen and experienced practice through good times and bad. And this time may be the worst I have seen for the profession in all those years. But it does not have to be that way for you. I have been quietly putting this special experience together now for close to two years. It works. I’ll show you how.

(Learn More About Dr. Martin)

How a Chance Discovery Led to This Program

As a practitioner, coach, author, consultant and teacher I have been teaching exceptional practice marketing, case presentation, strategy, leadership and innovative thinking actively since 2004. I am committed to helping those committed to excellence clinically also have excellent, profitable practices. I am constantly looking for more ways to help my clients. One of those led me to:

The Big Ah-Ha and a quick story to explain it:

“I can’t believe I have been missing out on all this for so long. All the money I have just let slip through my fingers that could have been mine. Thank you so much. I’m going to apply this right away.” Randy gushed.

I had just finished a special lecture on increasing your profits in these difficult times.

Three months passed. I see Randy again. He gives me a big smile as he pumps my hand in a long handshake.

“Hey Charley, remember how I was going to apply what you showed me at the last conference. Well, I did. Let me just say, WOW! All without doing anything but applying what you taught me in that one lecture.”

Billy, another client, was standing close-by. He jumped in the conversation. “Yes, those two hours have meant that my new patient value increased by $1,000 each!”

I quickly asked how many new patients he was getting a month.

“Around 20″, Billy replied.

I smiled, “Good for you.

“That was a great experience. That paid for your fee many times over. And to think how much money I lost over the years by not having this,” Billie reflected.

I did some quick math out-loud.

“20 new patients x $1,000 increase from before = $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year.

And think of this: how much this will mean to you over the course of your career?! Multiply that increase by 5. That’s your five-year increase. Now try 10. The numbers really jump out at you, don’t they*?

Randy and Billy nodded in agreement.

“Oh, it gets better when you really consider the impact to your bottom line profits. Those increases come with only a 20 -25% overhead typically. The other 75 to 80% is all profit,” I pointed out.

They high-fived me and each other before taking their seats for more.

Ah-ha. A very big AH-HA!

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These two doctors were just a couple of the many who have related the same things to me—dramatically increased profits from my first two hour lecture which I do for my coaching program.

One day recently, my business coach and mastermind leader suggested the obvious. (I live what I preach – everyone does better with a coach and a mastermind group) He asked why I didn’t offer this experience by itself!

He was right.

So I am. You win because you get the condensed essence delivered to you in the 10fer Experience.

You’ll get that training, plus a lot more.

So here is the promise once again:

You’ll increase your practice productivity by a minimum of $200,000 in 12 months guaranteed or I’ll refund your fee plus give you $5,000 for your trouble.

How’s that for an outrageous guarantee? Audacious? Yes. Risky? No. It works. I’m not worried. I made this guarantee to remove all the risk.

You have before you an opportunity to capture money, real profit that has been slipping through your hands—significant money that can make a huge difference in your lifestyle and future. What would this money mean for you?

• A now happy spouse who before made “off-handed comments” about how your neighbors or relatives didn’t seem to work so hard and made plenty of money.

• Buying that long put-off BMW M6 convertible or 42′ Sea Ray.

• Taking that dreamed about vacation to Rome, Florence and Venice

• Paying for the college education for your kids comfortably

• Funding your retirement plan every year.

I don’t know where you will put it, but I am sure you can figure that one out without too much trouble!

(*Some quick numbers: For Billy, five years at $240,000 per year equal $1,200,000. At 10 years, that equals $2,400,000.)

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Who Should Enroll?

Is this for everyone? No. I’ve taken some trouble to make this unique guaranteed offer to those who I believe qualify.

I’m betting you are someone who wants to be more than average. I don’t think it’s fair for outstanding dentists to make average incomes.

You should be rewarded for you efforts, intelligence, skills and ability to help people uniquely. Wouldn’t you agree? Yet, far too many very capable dentists are not getting their due. They are not getting all that rightfully should be theirs.

You probably know some dentists who are content with mediocrity and living their lives that way. That’s fine for them, but I don’t believe that is you.

What do the average do?

They follow the tail lights of the car in front of them, which is following the tail lights of the car in front of them, who is following the tail lights of the car in front of them, and that front car is lost!

Isn’t it time to earn what you should? After all, you have worked so hard, taken all those courses and spent all that time away from home for a reason. Isn’t it time to make it pay-off? Don’t a lot of people count on you?

What I Believe and Why It is Important to You

I am against the status quo in dentistry. Too many people are anxious and afraid. Too many lose their teeth. Too many have dentistry that doesn’t last. Too many get way behind on their teeth and don’t know where to turn. Too many people don’t realize the huge effects of their oral health on their total body health. Too many people are robbed of the joys of living, laughing, and loving life that could be theirs. Too many people live shorter lives because of their teeth. I’m here to change all of that, to make a real difference for my patients. Want to join me?

I get angry at organized dentistry for not stepping up and fighting for our practices. Even more, I am just flat out pissed off about organized dentistry’s failure to build the case with the presently available clinical data that one’s oral health has dramatic effects on the total body health. Yes, some has been done, but not nearly enough. And our patients are the ones who suffer.

I really hate dental insurance companies that wrap themselves in the clothing of “the good guys.” B.S. They are in it for the money. Don’t kid yourself. There are very good reasons why the largest buildings in this country are owned by insurance companies.

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So who am I for? I am for the dentists who want to be better. I am for the dentists who strive for excellence. I am for the dentists who want the best care for their patients.

The better dentists deserve better: better profits, better practices, better regard from their staffs and their patients. They deserve to have a wonderful lifestyle that rewards their commitment to excellence in practice. And they deserve to be able to make choices in their lives and have the freedom to create a life of their own choosing.

Merit demands reward.

If you have earned the merit, it’s time to get the reward.

Sadly, too many dentists don’t get all they should. I have been in countless clinical conferences with doctors intent on being the best they can be, but failing to produce the profits and prosperity they have earned.

These are the reasons why I do what I do. And I make good money doing it. Even better, the return on the investment for the doctors who also listen and follow me is outstanding.

I conduct a coaching program that has successfully helped doctors committed to excellence for years.

I’ve taken the major profit leveraging subjects from my masters program and boiled it down to the essence that matters.

When I mentioned this to a lay businessperson, $200,000 increase guaranteed or I’ll refund your money plus pay you an additional $5,000, he said it was a no brainer and he’d pay $100,000 to have it. Sure, I’d like to get that kind of money for this program, but I don’t want to take unfair advantage of you even though that fee is justifiable.

65,000 would be fair. Nope.

50,000 would be a 400% return. No, still too much.

25,000 is an 800% return in one year. That’s a deal. Yes, it is. And you can get it for even less than that.

Let’s do a quick comparison:

Cone Beam CAT Scan- $130,000-$200,000 (Big ticket to produce little revenue unless you do a whole lot of these for a $300-350 fee. You’ll need at least 10-15 a month just to make the payment)

Hard Tissue Laser- $100,000 (You do get to add a few procedures to generate somewhere around $5-7k per month increase in production if you learn it well and charge for the technology.)

CADCAM Machine- $110,000 (You are saving lab expenses, doing fewer crowns and doing more one visit dentistry, but how much of an increase in profit does this mean for you? Let’s generously give it up to $5000 per month. And that’s very generous for most Drs I think you’d agree.

Then there’s another cost. You’ll have to spend time and sometimes significant money to learn how to use them! Time is a cost not usually considered.

None of these pieces of equipment give a guarantee of income. You are on your own buddy. Good luck.

Really, I like these shiny new objects—these technological whiz-bangs, but do they really, by themselves, make that much difference? For the vast majority, the answer is no.

If you already have these pieces of equipment, then you’ll really like what the 10fer Experience can do for you.

What about my proposition?

1. It’s guaranteed.

2. Pays future dividends, not just now but for the rest of your practice life.

3. Leverages your time, talent and money geometrically.

Let’s do the numbers:

Fee for the Experience: $19,997 (when pre-paid. Financing is Available)

Guaranteed Production Increase $200,000

Thus the 10fer Experience

Return on Investment: 1000% in the first year on production

(70-80% of which is profit due to variable expenses like supplies and lab, possibly some increased marketing.)

Potential Return in Subsequent Years:

@ 5 years: 19,997 for 1,000,000 = 50x your investment

@ 10 years: 19,997 for 2,000,000 =100x your investment

@ 15 years: 19,997 for 3,000,000 =150 times your investment

@ 20 years: 19,997 for 4,000,000 = 200 times your investment

You see, this is an investment that keeps on going, and going, and going…

Yep, it’s that good.

Again, Financing the fee is available.

Warning: This is licensed, copyrighted material that cannot be shared beyond your practice with anyone. It is yours to use fully in your practice, but nowhere else. That is only fair, I think you would agree, right?

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Who is an Ideal Candidate?

• An experienced dentist with loads of advanced training and expertise that has worked diligently to become a better clinician.

• An up and coming dentist going through significant continuing education who wants more than clinical training.

• A well-trained dentist who is stuck at a current level, even at a good or very good level, but who is looking to increase profits.

• All attendees must be willing students. Anyone who thinks they have seen it all and only out to prove me wrong should not apply.

• You must agree to be interactive and engaged during the experience. You are encouraged to ask questions and make sure “you get it” while you are here. And if you miss something, you’ll have a chance to get it clarified.

Who Should Not Attend?

• Dentists committed to average dentistry or doing the least possible.

• Dentists who do not strive for clinical excellence and who are doing the very least work for their patients as the standard to live by.

• Dentists who consider dentistry merely a commodity and don’t consider themselves better dentists.

• Dentists committed to suckling on the dental insurance teat, doing only what the insurance companies will pay for.

• Dentists who are uncertain about themselves or their ability to do great work

• Dentists who are in dire straits, in emergency situations looking to use this to bail them out.

• Dentists who are looking to copy or steal this material and present this as their own (I have lived with this before and won’t let it happen again.)

Should You Apply?

Only you can decide.

Here is a key question to ask: what is your risk? Answer: None, Nada, Zero.

Your gain is assured if you get accepted.

What is your potential loss by not applying? 200,000 in production at 75-80% profit.

How big is that loss over five years? 1,000,000 in production and 750,00 to 800,000 in profits are realistic numbers.

If what I have said makes sense to you, you should fess up the $100 refundable fee and apply. I will not accept everyone. In fact, you’ll have an interview to make sure you deserve to get this material. This is only fair as I am guaranteeing results.

There is one other thing: When I successfully help you increase your production and profit by $200,000 or more per year, you agree to give me good recommendations and reviews. Moreover, you agree to refer 2 of your non-competitor colleagues and introduce them to the program.

Once you apply and are accepted, the 10fer Experience will begin. There is a strong likelihood you’ll start getting increases even before our live time together.

Big Bonuses Revealed

For attendees, two huge bonuses will be gifted to you at the 10fer Experience:

  1. The first huge bonus exceeds the value of the fee for this program
  2. An additional bonus presented at the experience  will typically yield at least one $20,000.00 to $80,000.00 case per quarter.

Plus, you’ll get to rub shoulders with some of the best and brightest in dentistry. Those who aspire to increasing levels of excellence just like you.

Over the next 12 months following this experience, you’ll receive a treasure trove of marketing and case presentation goodies designed to even further improve your practice. These will be sent a bit at a time so they can be absorbed without overwhelming you and put to good profit-producing use. Plus, you’ll have access to my team and me for further guidance.

It is not just the money. I want you to win, feel good about practicing our wonderful and challenging profession and to become a model for others to follow. I want you to enjoy practice as I have and reap the rewards for yourself and those who count on you.

I have made this easy to say yes to for a reason. It works.

An important aside:  Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend this event.  For many, it’s important for them to be a part of this learning experience and I’m happy to have them at the event.

Warning: I am making this known to thousands of qualified dentists. There are only so many spots available. If you want in, or think you might want in, it pays to apply quickly.

Here’s How to Apply:

  1. Click here to request your complete 10fer Experience package with application.
  2. Call 1-866-263-5577 and ask to speak to a 10fer Day staff member to receive your 10fer Experience package by mail.
  3. Fax us your request for the 10fer Experience package. We will promptly ship one out to you by FedEx (once the refundable deposit is secured). Make sure all writing is legible.

Get the Application

Once your application is received, a time will be scheduled for your interview. Once you are accepted, the particulars will be detailed out for you and all other questions will be answered.

I look forward to seeing you in one of the limited chairs available for the 10-fer Experience.

Best Regards,

Charley Martin

11201 Huguenot Road
Richmond, VA 23235
866-263-5577 (This rings to my dental office.  Please ask for a 10fer staff member)
Fax: 804-320-1014

P.S. This is a no risk offer with only upside. Remember the Big Three:

1.Guaranteed to increase production by a minimum of $200,000.00 or your money back plus $5,000.00

2.Pays future dividends, not just now but for the rest of your practice life.

3.Leverages your time, talent and money geometrically.

P.P.S. Also remember, flexible financing is available.

P.P.P.S For those who are curious about the 10fer experience, the details will be revealed once your application is in, during the interview process.

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Copyright 2010 Charles W Martin